Landlord and Tenant

The law governing landlord-tenant relations in Virginia is complex and, as such, can be confusing for everyone involved. Certain lease agreements are governed by the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act which states, with great specificity, the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant. It also lays out the procedure both must follow in the event a dispute should arise involving the non-payment of rent, the condition of the residence premises or the conduct of the landlord, tenant or the tenant’s guests or invitees.

Other lease agreements do not fall under the jurisdiction of the VRLTA and must instead be interpreted pursuant to ordinary contract law or other provisions of the Virginia Code.

Not knowing the law that governs your lease can not only be expensive when a problem arises, it can also be dangerous. A landlord who doesn’t understand his responsibility under the law may unknowingly damage his attempt to evict a tenant for not payment of rent by failing to give the tenant a notice required by law. A tenant may stay in an unhealthy or even unsafe residence because he does not know how to force a landlord to make necessary repairs.

The attorneys at Allen & Carwile represent both landlords and tenants, assisting them with everything from drafting and reviewing commercial and residential lease agreements to prosecuting and defending actions for eviction. Our clients range from individuals who rent single-family homes to some of the largest providers of HUD-subsidized housing in the area. Our goal is to prevent problems before they start by carefully reviewing and drafting leases before they are signed and counseling our clients to do their homework before they rent to or from someone. But should a dispute arise during the lease period, our attorneys are experts in guiding our clients through the process of properly terminating lease agreements and judicial eviction.

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