Allen & Carwile regularly assists clients in obtaining guardianship and conservatorship for incapacitated adults. Guardians and conservators are appointed by the circuit court where the incapacitated person resides. It is often unnecessary to appoint a guardian and conservator if the incapacitated person executed a power of attorney. However, the power of attorney must be signed before the onset of the incapacity.

Parents often seek to be appointed guardian and conservator for disabled adult children so that they can continue to handle personal and financial decisions concerning their care and support. Adult children often seek appointment when their elderly parents require assistance with daily living skills and medical care.

In addition to assisting clients with the appointment of a guardian and conservator, Franchesca Gomez regularly serves as a court-appointed guardian ad litem, which is an attorney appointed by the court to meet with the incapacitated adult to explain the court proceeding and advise the court regarding the best course of action to benefit the incapacitated individual.

Franchesca Fede Gomez

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