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Keep Your License!

Tim Carwile understands that you have responsbilities to your family, job and others that require you to drive. For over 40 years, he has served his firm’s clients, primarily in the central Shenandoah Valley — first, as a Waynesboro prosecutor for more than eight years; and, since then, in private, trial practice as a respected criminal defense lawyer, handling DUI, reckless driving and other serious traffic defenses.

The Cards are Stacked Against You

Virginia DUI/DWI law is tough and Virginia prosecutors are understandably under considerable pressure to deliver successful prosecutions.

Preparing a Defense

A DUI arrest is not a conviction. The arresting officer may have made an improper stop, the breathalyzer may have been administered illegally or the defendant may not have been properly informed of his or her Constitutional rights. These are just a few of the factors we can analyze when reviewing your DUI case and there are many others dependent upon the unique facts of each individual case.

Let Us Sit Down and Review the Facts

It is critical that you seek experienced legal counsel at least to see if your situation could be significantly improved by retaining an attorney. No two DUI cases are alike and, upon careful examination of the facts, we can recommend a course of action to achieve the best results for you. I have practiced trial law for over forty years, routinely appearing in the courts in Waynesboro, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Covington, Lovingston, Augusta County and Nelson County, Alleghany County, Rockingham County and Rockbridge County, Virginia, during which time I have developed many relationships with fellow defense attorneys, prosecutors, police officers and Court clerks and staff. A significant portion of my practice involves DUI defense and traffic law and I have made those areas of the law the focus of my career. Additionally, I have co-authored definitive Virginia-law texts on these subjects:

Defense of Serious Traffic Cases in Virginia , 2004, revised 2006 and 2012, (Co-Editor, 2016) Virginia Law Foundation

Defending Serious Traffic Cases: Smart Strategy, Creative Tactics , 2007, 2015 Virginia Law Foundation

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